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The Florida Southern College Digital Repository is the college's institutional repository for collecting, preserving, and providing online access to exemplary publications authored by FSC students and to the scholarly and creative work of faculty and staff. Content is freely available on the web and may include technical reports, working papers, honors program and master's theses, doctoral dissertations, major research papers, articles, conference papers and posters, audio and visual works, and other digital presentations.

Submitting to the Digital Repository

Before you submit publications to the Digital Repository please read the following copyright considerations:

  • Authors retain full copyright to their original work, unless previously conveyed to a third party.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that copyright permission has been secured prior to submission to the Digital Repository.
  • If the work is yours and is unpublished, make sure you clear all third party materials with original copyright holders (e.g., photographs, graphs).
  • If the work has been previously published, determine which permissions for republication were included in the publisher’s copyright transfer agreement (your preprint, post-print, or the publisher’s pdf). Alternatively, you may also contact the publisher directly to request permission to upload your article.

You must agree to the Distribution License before submitting your publication. Additionally, each submission must be accompanied by a completed Author’s Declaration for Electronic Submission of Content. Click here to download the form.

For more information contact Marina Morgan at Roux Library: mmorgan@flsouthern.edu.


Recently Added

  • Edgar, Peter; Shanks, Kelsi; Hoffman, Kaitlynn; Harper, Caitlin (2017-04)
    "When we think of oranges, we think of sunshine, soft winds, flowers and palms. We think of romance and unreal things because the turning of sunshine into golden fruit is one of Nature's absorbing miracles." This is the ...
  • Schaad, Gerrianne; Morgan, Marina (2017-06)
    Florida Southern College is located in Lakeland on the site of a former orange grove, making the connection to the Citrus Industry a constant presence in our collections. This relationship was reinforced with the establishment ...
  • Lynch, James M. (Current Research: Concussion, 2015)
    Mild traumatic brain injury has been shown to result in decreased cerebral blood flow. Water-based exercise has recently been shown to increase cerebral blood flow when compared to land-based exercise. It seems reasonable ...
  • Kraemer, William J.*; Triplett, N. Travis*; Fry, Andrew C.*; Koziris, L. Perry*; Bauer, Jeffrey E.*; Lynch, James M.; McConnell, Tim*; Newton, Robert U.*; Gordon, Scott E.*; Nelson, Richard C.*; Knuttgen, Howard G.* (Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 1995)
    Provides an in-depth sports medicine profile of women college tennis players and determines the relationship among an array of performance and clinical variables. Comprehensive battery of test on 38 non-restrained women.
  • Lynch, James M.; Whiteside, James A.*; Andrews, James R.* (American Academy of General Practice, 1988-08)
    The evaluation of a child with an acute knee injury is difficult. The injury may be an avulsion fracture involving either of the cruciate ligaments; a common cause is a cycling accident. The amount of fragment displacement ...

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