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    Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Quality in Female Collegiate Cross Country Runners
    (Florida Southern College, 2022-05) Goll, Alayna; Terrell, Sara Lynn
    High dietary quality is important for athletic populations because it may reduce nutritional deficiencies. Female cross country runners are often at risk for deficiencies in key nutrients, such as iron and calcium. Athletes’ nutrition knowledge has been shown to influence their selection of higher quality foods. However, an assessment of nutrition knowledge and dietary practices in female collegiate cross country runners remains unknown. Purpose: To explore and assess sports nutrition knowledge and dietary behavior in collegiate female runners. Methods: Female cross country athletes (n=12) from Florida Southern College completed a 30-item sports nutrition knowledge questionnaire, testing their knowledge of the following: energy intake, macronutrients, and micronutrients. Participants then recorded their food intake for 3 non-consecutive days (within a 1-week time frame). Results were entered into an online dietary tracker, which sorted daily food intake into different nutrient categories. Trends observed within athletes’ nutrition knowledge and dietary habits were analyzed. Results: Results indicate athletes scored at an average (75%) level in sports nutrition competencies, with better understanding of macronutrients versus micronutrients. The food log analysis indicated the majority of runners’ diets were deficient in several key nutrients, especially calories, carbohydrates, and Vitamin D. Conclusions: Athletes minimally achieved the standard for adequate nutrition. Nutrient intake appeared low for most nutrients, regardless of knowledge. These nutrient deficits may impair performance and exacerbate injury risk. Future studies may explore educational interventions that facilitate better dietary practices in athletes.
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    On the Difference Between Two Numbers Raised to the Same Power
    (Florida Southern College, 2022-05) Hallmark, Nathan; Elsinger, Jason; Sullivan, Sean
    In mathematics, systems are often complex, requiring great amounts of work to fully solve. To combat this, mathematicians often employ the strategy of imposing constraints on the system. This work uses this strategy in relation to the difference of two numbers raised to the same power. The two base numbers are given the constraint of only having a difference of one, leading to the formulas that describe the resulting patterns. One of the more popular topics that arise from this is the use of Pascal’s Triangle to highlight patterns among appearing binomial coefficients. The formulas resulting from this work can be applied to several topics in number theory problems, including the Pythagorean triples, sum of three cubes, and Mersenne Primes. In addition to preliminary applications, some of the pure mathematics needed to prove these formulas, including combinatorics and mathematical induction, are discussed. In order better visualize the work, Minecraft is used as a way to display the simplest cases. Finally, as an overarching theme, this research exemplifies what mathematicians can do with a single pattern and unquenchable curiosity.
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    An Inquiry into the Synthesis of Zinc/Chelidonate-based MOFs and Their Potential Uses in the Prevention of Hernia Mesh Infections
    (Florida Southern College, 2022-05) Vassalotti, Ryan; Eubank, Jarrod F.
    A hernia is one of the most common medical issues that occurs in the entire world, affecting millions of people yearly. As part of the surgery to repair a hernia, the physician will often insert a mesh material to prevent recurrence of the hernia. Despite their high efficacy in preventing recurrence of the hernia, these hernia meshes are unfortunately prone to infection. Hernia mesh infections affect thousands of people every year and cost the individuals large amounts of unnecessary time and money. The field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) has opened up a promising path towards solving this issue. The successful synthesis of antimicrobial MOFs and biocompatible MOFs demonstrates that there is merit in pursuing biomedical applications. With the help of antimicrobial materials like MOFs it may be possible to prevent these postoperative infections. Synthesis of a Zn-based analogue to a previously characterized antimicrobial Cu-basedMOF, me137, was successful. The results of this study indicate that control of both morphology and structure in Zn-based MOFs is possible. Additionally, the Zn-based MOFs appear to be more chemically stable than similar Cu-based MOFs. Antimicrobial assays have demonstrated that the Zn-based MOFs are capable of inhibiting the growth of E. coli and S. aureus. Early adhesion tests have shown that growth of Compound 1 (RV22) onto unmodified polypropylene is not an interaction that readily occurs. Thus, methods for modifying polypropylene to take on a form more conducive to MOF adhesion was investigated. A method for oxidizing polypropylene with the use of KMnO4, NaOH, and heat was found to be successful, but adhesion of Compound 1 onto the oxidized polypropylene has not yet been achieved.
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    Destruction of Cultural Sites: A Historical Analysis
    (Florida Southern College, 2022-05) Lassiter, Lauren; Caney, Anna
    Culture is defined as the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular notion, people, or other social group. The culture of a society is often regarded by its members as their most prized possession and their greatest asset. However, because of their importance, destruction of cultural sites has become a common weapon of war. Through historical analysis and three-dimensional printing, I examine the destruction of cultural and historical sites in Europe and the Middle East to explore the motives behind the actions of the destroyers, as well as the history that is now lost. Additionally, I analyze possible policy actions that can combat this exponentially growing trend of war.
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    What is the relationship between pitch count, strength, and pain for Division II collegiate softball pitchers?
    (Florida Southern College, 2022-05) Dewith, Jadin; Terrell, Sara Lynn
    Collegiate fastpitch softball pitchers utilize an underhand pitching technique which creates high shoulder stress. Injury prevention measures, such as pitch counts, are missing in softball. Higher pitch counts may reduce strength, increase pain, inhibit proper mechanics, and contribute to higher injury risk. Yet, there is a paucity of research exploring monitoring intervention measures within Division II softball pitchers. The purpose of this study was to assess changes in isometric strength, pitch count, self-reported pain, and open and closed kinetic chain functional test performance in Division II softball pitchers at three time points: off-season, pre-season, and in season. Early monitoring strategies indicated reductions in pitching side isometric strength in key muscles that support pitching technique from off-season to pre-season measurements, but in season measurements did not continue this decline. Athletes improved performance in three functional tests but demonstrated reduced muscle endurance of the posterior chain from off-season to pre-season. These patterns continued to be seen during the competitive season.