2020 Fall

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    Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns of Evolutionarily Conserved Annexin Proteins
    (Florida Southern College, 2020-12-03) Robinson, Shealyn
    Item embargoed on 10-24-2021
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    Impression of Expression: The Relationship Between Ambivalent Sexism and Perceptions of Gender-Typed Applicants
    (Florida Southern College, 2020-12-03) Ready, Emily J.
    The purpose of the current study is to determine a relationship between ambivalent sexism and perceptions of applicants as a function of the applicant’s level of masculinity and femininity. Although there has been a progressive shift toward equal opportunity within the workplace, there is still a bias that surrounds applicants’ gender and their hireability for certain positions. Furthermore, this discrimination can extend to the gendered job type (e.g., managerial positions are considered masculine) and the incongruency between an applicant’s sex and their gender expression (i.e., masculinity, femininity).
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    Identification of Annexin-A2 and Annexin-A5 Interactions with Synaptic Vesicles and the Parkinson’s Disease Associated Protein α-Synuclein
    (Florida Southern College, 2020-12-03) Peterson, Michaela
    Item embargoed on 10-24-2021
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    Moving from Classroom Teacher to School Administrator: Attributes of Influence
    (Florida Southern College, 2020-12-03) Nelson, Brandy
    The purpose of this study is to identify key qualities and characteristics that can make the transition from classroom teacher to school administration easier, better preparing them for when they transition. Further, it will help these future administrators work to prevent difficulty in the transition. The research question for the study is: What qualities create a more favorable transition from classroom teacher to school administrator? Within this project, surveys and interviews were conducted to determine a possible correlation between age the transition occurred, the number of years spent as a classroom teacher, and the gender of the administrator and ease of transition they experienced.
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    Representations of Children with Disabilities in Young Adult Novels
    (2020-12-03) Gill, Daria
    This thesis analyzes the question: How are children with disabilities represented in young adult novels? To answer this, I selected five young adult novels that feature at least one character with a disability: Wonder, Fish in a Tree, Rules, Out of My Mind, and El Deafo. I explore the way different disabilities are represented in these novels, the impact of these disabilities on the characters, the power the character with a disability exhibits, and the impact each author had on their book. Ultimately, the results will be used to explore how literature featuring characters with disabilities can be used in classrooms in a beneficial way.