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    Classification and Antibiotic Properties of Chromobacterium
    (Florida Southern College, 2019-12) Yates, Morgan
    Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem throughout the world. The increased use of antimicrobial and antibacterial products on a day-to-day basis has allowed for more prevalent growth of resistant organisms. It has become necessary to find new antibiotics to deal with these more resistant bacteria. The source of most antibiotics is other microorganisms including bacteria and fungi that compete with these organisms in natural environments with many of our current antibiotics originating from soil microorganisms. In order to increase the chance of finding new microorganisms, soil samples should be taken from unique environments. Soil samples were previously isolated from fertile tropical rainforest soil of Volcanoes National Park on the big island of Hawaii. An antibiotic-producing organism of the Genus Chromobacterium was isolated. This research project will focus on the extensive characterization of this organism through fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) analysis, biochemical characterization, and a thorough sequencing of multiple housekeeping genes.
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    The Association of Proprioceptive Ability with Rates of Injury in College Athletes
    (Florida Southern College, 2019-12) Stackpole, Samantha
    Background: Proprioception, the ability to determine the spatial location of a given part of the body, may reduce the risk of injury in the general population; however, there is limited research exploring the relationship between proprioception and injury in collegiate athletes. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the association between level of proprioception and injury rates among college athletes. Methods: Thirteen subjects from the FSC waterski team were recruited for this study. Subjects completed a questionnaire regarding their training methods and injury history. Proprioception was assessed using a cell phone application-based goniometer to measure the participant’s ability to replicate the joint angles demonstrated by the research assistant. Both shoulder and knee joints were measured to provide information on both upper and lower body proprioceptive ability. Results: Twelve participants (50% male, mean age: 20.08 years). No significant differences existed between participants with a history of injury compared to participants without a severe injury. A trend did exist for participants without a history of injury having more accurate proprioceptive abilities compared to participants with a history of injury (13.17 vs 5.94, p=.08). Conclusion: Although no significant differences were found for proprioceptive abilities between the participants with and without a history of injury, there was a trend towards more accurate proprioceptive abilities for participants without an injury history. Future studies should further examine the relationship between injury rate, balance training, and proprioceptive abilities. Findings can inform coaches and trainers to consider incorporating proprioceptive training to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risk.
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    Facing the Music: The Current State of Streaming Services in the Music Industry
    (Florida Southern College, 2019-12) Korver, Jessica
    As music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have increased in popularity among consumers, their potential revenues have become of great concern to the music industry. Allowing users to pay for unlimited music for as low as five dollars a month, these services on the surface level do not seem to have the artist’s interests in mind. It is becoming increasingly important to a variety of people within the music industry to find the true impact of music streaming services. This study examined the data of music streaming services based on the revenue they generate for artists. It also investigated current Industry opinions of music streaming services, and Consumer awareness. Both Industry and Consumer groups reported that artist revenue rates are insufficient and recommend a higher compensation rate. Additionally, results of the Industry Survey pointed to no statistically significant factors, such as genre or age, influencing artist revenue. Variables from the Consumer Survey including age, education level, and whether or not they had a paid streaming account motivated their streaming hours and which service they use most. The Industry group recommended that streaming services offer more features to artists as well as greater transparency.
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    Self-Directed Pedagogy and Visual Learning
    (Florida Southern College, 2019-12) Kindell, Chloe
    It has been shown that interacting with content directly can improve memory for what is being studied (Kane & Anderson, 1978; Markant, DuBrow, Davachi, & Gureckis, 2014). One way that this is possible is through sentence creation. However, it has also been shown that visual depictions of information offer a significant benefit to memory (Yen, Lee, &Chen, 2012; Smith, Hunt, & Dunlap, 2015; Hockley & Bancroft, 2011). The purpose of this study was to examine whether the memory effects of self-created content might be more successful when combined with visual learning. Participants utilized one of four different study methods to memorize fifteen cue-target pairs of words. It was hypothesized that those creating their own content would have a higher rate of recall than those who were given their study materials, particularly those that created images. However, participant-generated sentences resulted in greater recall than participant-generated pictures after both the short t (47) = -9.47, p < .001, and after long retention intervals t (47) = -2.56, p = .014, indicating there might be some sort of performance anxiety leading to recall issues. This could be a form of “art anxiety.”