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  • Denham, James M. (Center for Florida History, Florida Southern College, 2010-08-03)
  • Denham, James M. (Center for Florida History, Florida Southern College, 2003-08-07)
  • Dnes, Antony William (International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 2013-06)
    In the wake of two major government reviews in the United Kingdom, this paper considers whether there might be advantages, particularly in terms of encouraging innovative creative work, in moving the UK much closer to a ...
  • Dnes, Antony William; Brownlow, Graham (Journal of Institutional Economics, 2017-01-16)
    We examine the history of the organization of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and assess whether Republican terrorism reflected the possession of valuable group-specific human capital within the terrorist cell. The analysis ...
  • Dnes, Antony William (Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1998-06)
    Presents a transactions cost approach in analyzing the concept of the marketing firm. Factors that influence the success of marketing; Transaction costs involved in marketing; Practical lessons provided by the study of ...
  • Dnes, Antony William (Economic Affairs, 1989-06)
    Outlines how economics is taught at universities and polytechnic colleges in Great Britain. Introduction of mathematical economics and statistics during the first year; Intermediate work covered during the second or third ...
  • Dnes, Antony William (Economic Review (UK), 1997-09)
    The privatization of railroads in the United Kingdom has involved a subsidy for the new companies providing services, and has been carried out in a complex way. Passengers services have been separated from the maintenance ...
  • Dnes, Antony William; Kodwani, Devendra G.; Seaton, Jonathan S.; Wood, Douglas (Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1998-05)
    The privatization of United Kingdom utilities after 1979 established a regulatory regime based around price capping rather than return capping. This innovation was intended to provide a predictable framework that encouraged ...
  • Denham, James M. (Center for Florida History, Florida Southern College, 2010-05-26)



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