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  • Lynch, James M. (Current Research: Concussion, 2015)
    Mild traumatic brain injury has been shown to result in decreased cerebral blood flow. Water-based exercise has recently been shown to increase cerebral blood flow when compared to land-based exercise. It seems reasonable ...
  • Lynch, James M.; Whiteside, James A.; Andrews, James R. (American Academy of General Practice, 1988-08)
    The evaluation of a child with an acute knee injury is difficult. The injury may be an avulsion fracture involving either of the cruciate ligaments; a common cause is a cycling accident. The amount of fragment displacement ...
  • Winton, Amber; Andriani, Nicholas; Marshall, Erica M.; Lynch, James M. (International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport, 2021-11)
    Stability of the upper extremity is critical for injury prevention. Vibration may improve proprioception, reducing injury risk. However, traditional vibration methods may be expensive and require a significant level of ...
  • Gordon, Scott E.; Kraemer, William J.; Vos, Netty H.; Lynch, James M.; Knuttgen, Howard G. (American Physiological Society, 1994-02)
    To investigate the effect of acid-base balance on serum human growth hormone (hGH) concentration after an acute high-intensity anaerobic exercise bout, 10 untrained but normally active men [age, 24.6 +/- 1.5 (SE) yr] ...
  • Kraemer, William J.; Triplett, N. Travis; Fry, Andrew C.; Koziris, L. Perry; Bauer, Jeffrey E.; Lynch, James M.; McConnell, Tim; Newton, Robert U.; Gordon, Scott E.; Nelson, Richard C.; Knuttgen, Howard G. (Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 1995)
    Provides an in-depth sports medicine profile of women college tennis players and determines the relationship among an array of performance and clinical variables. Comprehensive battery of test on 38 non-restrained women.



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