Peer-to-Peer Education of College Females on Sexual Health

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Horizon Research Publishing
Abstract Objective: This study examined the sexual health knowledge of female undergraduate college students before and following a peer to peer, sexual health education intervention. Participants: Sixty-nine students participated in the study. Methods: Undergraduate female students from a central Florida private college completed paper-pencil questionnaires before and after a series of four peer-to-peer sexual health poster sessions. Results: Findings showed female undergraduate students had sexual health knowledge deficits prior to the intervention. Also, participant knowledge significantly increased pre- to post-test (p < 0.001). Conclusions: These results bring to light the continued sexual health knowledge deficits of undergraduate college students. Furthermore, the benefits of a peer-to-peer education programs on college campuses have the potential to increase undergraduate student’s sexual health knowledge. Such programs may help students develop and maintain positive sexual health, including sexual self-efficacy, positive body image, and mutually respectful relationship development.
Sexual health, Education
Skelly, C., Hall, C., Risher, C., & Brown, B. (2018). Peer-to-Peer Education of College Females on Sexual Health. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 6(5), 844–847.