Art: A Math Motivated by Beauty

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Florida Southern College
As most science majors are accustomed, when you’re a science major, you tend to not focus on much else outside of the sciences. That is to say, you don’t feel the need to be an expert on any other subject area. For example, most math majors are quite comfortable expressing their lack of desire or need to use proper grammar or have above average writing skills. Biology majors don’t care to know much about western art, and along the same lines, English majors could do without math past your basic algebra course, and so on. These are generalities, of course, so they do not and will not apply to everyone, but nonetheless, they hold some truth for some. Personally, I wanted to challenge this, slightly. I think it’s a good thing to be balanced and well-rounded, to keep interests in different branches, to expand your horizons and interests, if nothing else just to boost your general knowledge and conversational/relatable skills. So, as a math major, I took an art class and decided to pursue the minor. In doing this, I’ve expanded the way I think so much. I was able to see connections between these two fields that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Seeing a small glimpse of these connections is what propelled me to further explore what other connections I could find.
Art, Science