ORCID ids in the open knowledge era

Morgan, Marina
Eichenlaub, Naomi
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Springer International Publishing
The focus of this poster is to highlight the importance of sufficient metadata in ORCID records for the purpose of name disambiguation. In 2017 the authors counted ORCID iDs containing minimal information. They invoked RESTful API calls using Postman software and searched ORCID records created between 2012–2017 that did not include affiliation or organization name, Ringgold ID, and any work titles. A year later, they reproduced the same API calls and compared with the results achieved the year before. The results reveal that a high number of records are still minimal or orphan, thus making the name disambiguation process difficult. The authors recognize the benefit of a unique identifier that facilitates name disambiguation and remain confident that with continued work in the areas of system interoperability and technical integration, alongside continued advocacy and outreach, ORCID will grow and develop not only in number of iDs but also in metadata robustness.
ORCID , Linked data , Researcher identifiers , Names, Personal (Cataloging) , Metadata
Morgan, Marina; Eichenlaub, Naomi (2018): ORCID IDs in the open knowledge era. Toronto Metropolitan University. Conference contribution. https://doi.org/10.32920/ryerson.14639367.v1