Strength and conditioning considerations for collegiate dance

Collegiate dance squads perform at sporting events and national dance competitions. Various styles of dance require competitive dancers to have a certain level of fitness to perform these routines. There is limited research investigating the effectiveness of incorporating strength and conditioning protocols on dance performance. The purpose of this article is to provide effective strength and conditioning considerations for competitive NCAA Division I dancers. Considerations are based on dance specificity and physiological adaptations that occur when performing particular styles of dance.
Dancers, Muscle strength, Adaptation (Physiology), Strength and conditioning, College athletes
Williams, C. C., Gdovin, J. R., Allen, C. R., Wilson, S. J., Cazas-Moreno, V. L., Ossenheimer, C., & Garner, J. C. (2016). Strength and conditioning considerations for collegiate dance. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 38(2), 88–95.