The Use of Simulations with Active Learning Exercises

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American Chemical Society
Using simulations offers several advantages in analytical chemistry courses. Students can explore variables faster than is often possible when using the actual instrument or method being simulated. Simulations provide the opportunity for multiple risk-free trials with instant feedback. Simulations can be used to better prepare students for upcoming laboratory experiments or to reinforce concepts covered in the classroom. Simulations can give students experience with the capabilities of an instrumental method that is not available for the laboratory portion of the course. Strategies for the effective use of simulators in active learning exercises for acid-base titrations, signal processing, cyclic voltammetry, and high performance liquid chromatography are described herein.
Chemistry-Simulation methods, Active learning
Harvey, D.T., Le, A-P., Lucy, C.A., & Mosby, B.M., & Park, E.J. The use of simulations with active learning exercises. In T.J. Wenzel, M.L. Kovarik, & J.K. Robinson (Eds.), Active learning in the analytical chemistry curriculum, (pp.121-145). ACS Publications. DOI:10.1021/bk-2022-1409.ch008