The Grace of Silence

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Florida Southern College
A feature screenplay, finished. This presentation discusses the yearlong writing process for a feature length script. Focusing on themes of mental health, this story follows the struggle of 22-year-old Grace. After graduating from college, Grace is ready to start her life. Unfortunately for her, life is not what she wanted it to be. Grace lives with her verbally abusive mother Sheila who is intent on controlling Grace's future. When pressures mount from all angles, Grace struggles to maintain control and checks herself into a psychiatric hospital where she meets Hannah. Hannah is a 25 year-old pregnant psychiatric patient who immediately takes a liking to Grace. Through this unlikely friendship, Grace gains a new perspective on her life. This presentation will cover the writing process involved with a screenplay of this length along with an explanation of how my ideas began and how they shifted as I moved forward.
Honors Thesis Spring 2020
Motion picture authorship, Writing (Authorship), Mental illness