Gender Matters Differences in State Probation Officer Stress

dc.contributor.authorWells, Terry L.
dc.contributor.authorColbert, Sharla S.
dc.contributor.authorSlate, Risdon N.
dc.description.abstractThe causes of stress for criminal justice practitioners, including probation officers, can generally be categorized into four areas: internal to the organization, external to the organization, the job or task itself, or personal in nature. Historically, criminal justice agencies have been characterized as male-dominated organizations. However, the presence of females in the criminal justice arena is growing, as evidenced in this project. The purpose of this analysis is to examine female and male perceptions of stress among what has been a predominately male-occupied position, probation officers. Overall, the findings suggest that female probation officers exhibit greater signs of physical stress yet, remarkably, reflect lower levels of occupational stress in the study at hand. With the limitations of this study in mind, prospects for further research are delineated.en_US
dc.identifier.citationWells, T., Colbert, S., & Slate, R. N. (2006). Gender Matters Differences in State Probation Officer Stress. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 22(1), 63–79.en_US
dc.publisherSage Publicationsen_US
dc.subjectProbation officersen_US
dc.subjectJob stressen_US
dc.titleGender Matters Differences in State Probation Officer Stressen_US