Role Models with Bottles: An Analysis of Exposure to Alcohol Branding in Music Videos

Shorey, Allen
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Florida Southern College
Music videos have been used to popularize different musical styles towards the proclivities for continual young generations. However, use of provocative content (e.g. substance abuse) seems to be increasing with each generation (Durant et al. 1997). Previous research has explored various social factors that affect various perceptions of music videos, including alcohol and substance abuse (e.g. Cranwell et al. 2017). The purpose of such research was to analyze perceptions of music videos when alcohol or illicit substances were consumed, but two major limitations are present in the form of specific genres that may differentially glorify alcohol/substance abuse and how such perceptions generalize to American culture. The current study explores how variations of music video genres influence the perceptions of alcohol consumption within the aforementioned variables in common American music video outlets. The design is a 3x2 between-subjects factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA), with level of alcohol consumption (High-Alcohol, No-Alcohol) and variations of music video genre (Pop, Hip Hop, Classical) as the between subjects factors. In the current study, participants were given a perception of alcohol questionnaire. Scores were assessed based on what type of video the participant was given (with varying genre and alcohol content). Results from this study could contribute towards policy change in the United States regarding youth exposure to alcohol content in music videos.
Honors Thesis Fall 2021
Music videos , Drinking of alcoholic beverages , Substance abuse , Perception