Science and religion : understanding the issues / Nancy Morvillo.

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Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
Review: "Addressing the complex issues at the interface of science and religion, this introductory textbook examines a range of basic scientific topics and their theological responses, including methodology, cosmology, evolution, and contemporary bio-ethical and environmental concerns. To shed light on the various issues at the crossroads of religion and science, the text also delves into the past to examine ideas from early scientists and theologians that have helped shape current thinking. While diverse viewpoints are considered, the focus of the text is on theological responses to science from a Christian perspective, and emphasizes areas where science and religion merge, rather than where they conflict." "Taking a balanced approach to the main debates, each chapter is accompanied by discussion questions and a list of biblical passages and relevant primary readings by a wide range of scientists and theologians. Timely, and without engaging in advocacy, Science and Religion: Understanding the Issues is an accessible introduction to the fascinating interface of science and theology."--BOOK JACKET.
Religion and science, Textbooks
Morvillo, N. (2010). Science and religion : understanding the issues. Wiley-Blackwell.