Stressors Experienced by State and Federal Probation Officers

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Oxford University Press
While there is a body of literature and research that focuses on the job of state probation officers, there is scant research on federal probation officers. This chapter reviews prior research on probation officers, then presents a pilot study that is among the first to compare the stressors experienced by state and federal probation officers. Differences in state and federal probation officers’ stressors are examined and discussed in reference to their role in a human service agency. Particular attention is given to how the nature of their work is related to their wellbeing and system functioning. Results indicate that state and federal probation officers do share some stressors, but also differ on the amount they experience other stressors. Limitations of the study are addressed, recommendations for future exploration are offered, and issues affecting management are discussed.
Criminal psychology, Correctional personnel, Management—Employee participation, Job stress
Slate, Risdon N., and W. Wesley Johnson, 'Stressors Experienced by State and Federal Probation Officers', in Monica K. Miller, and Brian H. Bornstein (eds), Stress, Trauma, and Wellbeing in the Legal System , American Psychology-Law Society Series ( New York, 2012; online edn, Oxford Academic , 24 Jan. 2013),