Xenophobia in the American Classroom: How is it Affecting the Students?

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Florida Southern College
This paper explores the idea of xenophobia affecting the American classrooms. Around the country, teachers are taught and encouraged to be fair and unbiased to their students to make a safe classroom environment. However, the rise of fear of foreign peoples and things, or xenophobia, causes the dynamic of the class to shift. After initially polling over 60 people, the responses dictated that xenophobia exists in small forms throughout almost all levels of education. In regards to the administration level of education, research into the Polk County School Board shows that little to no reports are done on bilingual special education students in the area. This lack of available information makes it difficult to obtain data regarding bilingual students who need services in the classroom; research into other counties and states was necessary to continue. After a second poll, the results showed that over half of those who responded had witnessed an act of xenophobia in the classroom setting. They do, however, want to change the perspective of foreign peoples. In conclusion, xenophobia has affected the school system in subtle, yet distinct ways, and people want to work together to make all people feel safe and accepted.
Xenophobia, Education--United States