Re-casting traditional organic experiments into green guided-inquiry based experiments: student perceptions

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Green Chemistry principles can be used to re-cast traditional Organic chemistry experiments into more guided-inquiry based experiments. Inquiry questions related to green chemistry principles and metrics have been incorporated into our laboratory for the development of more guided-inquiry based experiments. Re-casting traditional experiments provides time for guided-inquiry by allowing students to evaluate reaction conditions and wastefulness of reactions. This includes evaluating solvent choices, heating methods, use of renewal materials, and contemplating reactants and products impacts on human health and environment. Students examine the changes as it pertains to green chemistry, the success of the reaction and the potential impacts on the mechanism. Involving students in these discoveries rooted in a guiding question made the Organic experiments guided-inquiry. Students were surveyed about their exposure to green chemistry and guided-inquiry based labs. Examples of some of the re-casted experiments, excerpts from student reports, and student impressions of the theme are presented.
Green chemistry, Chemistry, Organic--Experiments, Inquiry-based learning, Active learning
Lee, D. B. (2019). Re-casting traditional organic experiments into green guided-inquiry based experiments: student perceptions. Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews, 12(2), 107–116. doi:10.1080/17518253.2019.1609598