The prevalence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in West Africa – A review

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Africa's inadequate monitoring is a major issue in combating persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The level of monitoring of these highly toxic persistent substances which have the ability to bioaccumulate through the food chain, thus causing serious health challenges is still very low in Africa especially in West Africa. Most West African countries are yet to implement the Stockholm Convention plan (2001) for reducing and eliminating the dirty dozen as coined by the UNEP. Just nine out of the sixteen West African countries have been given approval for National Implementation Plan (NIP) updates. All relevant stakeholders in West Africa must ensure that detailed monitoring of POPs in the environment is done regularly, with sufficient data collected, analyzed and well documented. Also, people should be sensitized on the harmful effects of POPs. Laws prohibiting indiscriminate dumping of refuse should be enforced and the ban on over used cars and electronics from developed countries should be implemented.
Persistent pollutants, Environmental monitoring, Africa, West
Adebusuyi, A.T., Sojinu, S.O., & Aleshinloye, A.O. (2022). The prevalence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in West Africa – A review. Environmental Challenges, 7, 100486.