Using Edpuzzle to Improve Student Experience and Performance in the Biochemistry Laboratory

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Student preparation has been shown to be of appreciable importance to student success in laboratory components of science courses. To promote student engagement prior to each laboratory session, technique and content videos, online assessments, and additional methods aiming to decrease cognitive load have been put into effect. Edpuzzle allows for instructors to effectively combine all of these components on a free, user-friendly, cloud-based platform. To improve student experience and performance in the introductory Biochemistry laboratory, Edpuzzle videos were incorporated into the curriculum. Ten videos were created and assigned to students on the platform. The platform allowed students to view the videos at their own pace and provided immediate feedback from assessments embedded within the videos. Student perceptions of Edpuzzle were favorable and the platform helped to promote student engagement in the material prior to the laboratory session which resulted in improvements in the Biochemistry lab experience. Edpuzzle has shown to be a highly effective tool for student engagement in the Biochemistry laboratory and can be utilized in other undergraduate laboratories as a replacement for existing pre-laboratory preparation methods.
Undergraduates, Learning, Biochemistry
Shelby, S. J., & Fralish, Z. D. (2021). Using Edpuzzle to Improve Student Experience and Performance in the Biochemistry Laboratory. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 49(4), 529–534.