Florida founder William P. Duval: frontier bon vivant / James M. Denham

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University of South Carolina Press
Scion of the Old Dominion -- Soldier and war hawk politician -- Judge and governor -- Founder of the Florida Territory -- Neamathla and a new territorial capital -- A "corrupt bargain" and a new home in Florida -- Trials, tribulations, and "left-handed justice" -- "I have health, activity, good spirits, and a small share of perserverity" -- "Harassed by the persecution of their neighbors" -- Storm clouds on the horizon -- "I intend to examine...your relation to the president" -- Nullifying an election -- "I shall return very poor to Kentucky" -- "Do all you can for Texas" -- Canals, banks, and a constitutional convention -- Faith bonds, division, depression, and a plague -- "Tyler too," Washington intrigue, and St. Augustine -- State of Texas, State of Florida -- "I will not be the cause of disunion in our ranks" -- Gone to Texas, gone to Washington.
Biography, Governors
Denham, J. M. (2015). Florida founder William P. DuVal : frontier bon vivant. University of South Carolina Press.