The Mimic Sea

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Indiana University South Bend
Content Notes: Section one -- Moonrats -- Chicago Day Lily -- Darwin light -- Bunny Ohio -- The mimic sea -- Like a face -- Anne Boleyn -- Nightdoctors -- Car rolls off Clay Wade Baily bridge -- The one who shot me -- The one who shot me next -- Pavese said death will come bearing your eyes -- 63rd and Pulaski -- The responsibility for everything that breaks -- Dinner-June -- Vigil moon -- The government Finance Officers Association -- Album -- Dinner-March -- The aged gymnast pauses before the vault -- A Dissimulation of Hummingbirds -- How to create your own amnesia -- Section two -- Notes left behind for the zookeeper -- Dear Baby, love here is cornfed -- I love how your eyes close every time you kiss me -- [When I say backdoor I mean the way a lot] -- Summer crookneck -- Kansas City still life -- Notes left behind for the bellboy -- The sex lives of clowns -- The vanishing room -- An accident waiting to happen -- Duologue for robots -- Fifteen beautiful colors -- Figure skating -- Appetite -- The problem with night stories -- From the monster nights -- Junkyard Dinner -- The Halo Effect -- Elegy in the absence of -- Elegy next to cleanliness -- The superstition of the clean glass -- The oversized world -- The humiliation parade -- [We have to be mean, my uncle]
American poetry -- 21st century
Bernheim, Erica. The Mimic Sea. 42 miles press, Indiana University South Bend, 2012.