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    The formation of terrorist groups: an analysis of Irish republican organizations
    (Journal of Institutional Economics, 2017-01-16) Dnes, Antony William; Brownlow, Graham
    We examine the history of the organization of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and assess whether Republican terrorism reflected the possession of valuable group-specific human capital within the terrorist cell. The analysis is motivated by economic models of the formation of specialized groups. We also note the public-goods co-ordination problem facing terrorist groups, given their inability to use mainstream enforcement mechanisms. Of particular interest are four well-defined historical examples of factionalism within the IRA. The history of Irish republicanism is consistent with the prediction that increasing the opportunities for cell members outside of life in the organization, particularly through amnesty, destabilizes the organization but leaves a hardcore of remaining terrorists. The gap between terrorist characteristics and those belonging to members of wider society is more gradated than predicted.
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    The New Student's Guide to Economics at Universities and Polytechnics
    (Economic Affairs, 1989-06) Dnes, Antony William
    Outlines how economics is taught at universities and polytechnic colleges in Great Britain. Introduction of mathematical economics and statistics during the first year; Intermediate work covered during the second or third year; Role of tutorials in giving students a change to discuss their reading and lecture material; Distinction between a seminar and a tutorial.
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    The Privatisation of British Rail: a Track Record
    (Economic Review (UK), 1997-09) Dnes, Antony William
    The privatization of railroads in the United Kingdom has involved a subsidy for the new companies providing services, and has been carried out in a complex way. Passengers services have been separated from the maintenance of stations and track. Bidders for passenger service operations have mainly been bidding for subsidies. Franchisees are under pressure to maximise profits when railroad services are profitable. Franchisees may have monopoly power so use monopoly pricing, which leads to a net loss for society. Loss-making services involve a subsidy which may not be set at the best level, but bidding may still allow costs to be cut compared to nationalization.
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    The Marketing Firm: a Transactions Cost Approach
    (Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1998-06) Dnes, Antony William
    Presents a transactions cost approach in analyzing the concept of the marketing firm. Factors that influence the success of marketing; Transaction costs involved in marketing; Practical lessons provided by the study of long-term contractual relations.
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    The Regulation of the United Kingdom Electricity Industry: An Event Study of Price-Capping Measures
    (Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1998-05) Dnes, Antony William; Kodwani, Devendra G.; Seaton, Jonathan S.; Wood, Douglas
    The privatization of United Kingdom utilities after 1979 established a regulatory regime based around price capping rather than return capping. This innovation was intended to provide a predictable framework that encouraged efficiency. An event methodology was used to examine stock market reaction to the main regulatory announcements affecting 12 Regional Electric Companies from flotation to 1995. The results indicate that the regulatory announcements were only a minor contributor to the persistent abnormal returns observed. The low connection between regulatory events, efficiency changes and abnormal returns at company level lead to a conclusion that the initial structural and control frameworks dominated the regulatory framework.