The statistics of the Oscars: What type of nominee will win?

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Florida Southern College
The trends and correlations in the Academy Awards have been in the public eye for years. These trends may lead to the ability to understand the differences between winners and nominees in each category. This study will analyze the Oscars over the years 2000-2019, and identify the different variables that may be significant in predicting a winner from a nominee in each category. This study strives to understand trends in the Oscars, and find correlations between a winning entity and different variables (examples include genre, gender, number of previous nominations, etc.). The study will be using statistical methods such as ANOVA analysis, and binary logistic regression along with other statistical tests to calculate the variables that will be the most effective in comparing and understanding the differences between the winners and nominees in each category. Its goal is to explain the different factors that go into an Oscar nominee becoming an Oscar winner.
Honors Thesis Spring 2021
Academy Awards (Motion pictures), Analysis of variance, Logistic regression analysis, Statistics