College Students and Service Learning: Does Aiding At-Risk Youth Invoke Change?

Wathen, Alec Ford
Blankenship, Chastity
Carter, Lisa M.
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Service learning is a concept that has been gaining traction in colleges across the country. Though there is no single definition, most service learning concepts involve volunteer work outside of the classroom and then reflecting on those experiences, whether in writing or in oral discussion after the volunteering takes place. Our study, which is still in progress, includes students in a criminological theory class taking part in a service-learning project aiding at risk youth. These students took a survey prior to taking part in the project, which helped researchers gauge the student’s feelings toward volunteering, feelings toward classroom learning, and self-confidence. After taking part in the project, students will take a post-test to gauge their feelings towards the project and any attitude changes they may have undergone. The researchers hope that results of the study show a significant change in self-confidence, and attitudes toward volunteering after students take part in the service learning project.
Presented at 2016 Southwestern Social Science Association, Las Vegas, NV.
Service learning , Problem youth , College students