Examining Effective Instructional Leadership in Mathematics: A Case Study

Hebert, Scott
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Florida Southern College
The researcher has developed a case study using a qualitative research methodology to understand the practices a principal in an elementary school in rural Florida has utilized to develop instructional capacity and a culture for high achievement in mathematics. A Nation At Risk is a report that spawned a reform agenda that challenged teacher effectiveness through the quality of education that students received in public schools. The report revealed that there was a decline in the achievement of students in the United States and concerns with curriculum and teaching (National Commission on Excellence in Education, 1983, April). This study has attempted to uncover the knowledge principals need regarding structures, systems, and practices to best support learning so that they can ensure all teachers, experienced and inexperienced, access these structures and systems. The following research question has been used to guide the study: What leadership practices exist with an elementary principal as those practices influence mathematics instructional techniques and student achievement in a small rural school district? A qualitative case study methodology has been chosen for this study. The research focuses on the organization and processes, not on recording the life stories of the individuals (Yin, 2014). This study provided evidence and support to understand what qualities, skills, and strategies need to be developed with leaders as they work in schools to increase achievement in mathematics. The principal is at the center of directing the operation and function of a school. Marshalling resources, garnering support, and empowering teachers are all part of the daily work of a principal. This will be the work that needs to be done as we continue to look at leadership and its impact on improving the instructional program in mathematics.
Dissertation presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership in the School of Education at Florida Southern College by Scott Hebert.
Educational leadership , Education , Mathematics education
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