Augmenting Orientation: Animating an Interactive Welcome Event at an Academic Library with AR and VR

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
The chapter begins with some background on the technological climate of the summer of 2016, and a consideration of library anxiety. We then discuss how we were led to choose the Aurasma augmented reality and Google Cardboard virtual reality apps based on student interest. The chapter will conclude with a description of how we set up the event. With this case study, we hope to provide similar organizations, as well as school or public libraries without extensive in-house IT support, but with enthusiastic library staff, with an easy-to-follow model of the planning process and steps taken to set up these interactive activities.
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Library orientation, Information literacy, Library anxiety, Problem-based learning, Academic libraries, Augmented reality, Virtual reality
Hornick, J. N. & Wade, S. (2018). Augmenting orientation: Animating an interactive welcome event at an academic library. In J. Van Arnhem, C. Elliott, & M. Rose (Eds.), Augmented & Virtual Reality in Libraries (pp. 73 – 92). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: Lanham, MD.